Along with diet control, regular exercise has been said to be important for weight loss. But a research published in Obesity Journal says that you can lose weight even by exercising only once or twice a week. Research has said that if you do intense exercise on weekends, you will get the same benefit in weight loss as if you do daily exercise.

Researchers say that their research is the first of its kind in which the relationship between physical activity patterns and fat tissue mass has been shown.

The researchers also cite the World Health Organization's recommendation that people should do at least 150 minutes of light exercise a week. If you do high intensity physical activity for 75 minutes a week, then it is considered right. Similarly, if someone does intense exercise once or twice a week instead of exercising daily, he will get equal benefits.

One or two days of exercise a week is also beneficial for weight loss.

There are many people who are not able to spare that much time due to their work. Researchers conducted research on 9,600 people aged 20 to 59 years from 2011 to 2018. Research showed that people who exercised only one or two days a week were also losing weight. Those who exercised for a day or two were losing weight at the same rate as those who exercised daily.

Health scientist Lihua Zhang, co-author of the research, said that people working in offices, bus drivers and those who sit for long periods of time benefit from exercise on weekends.

She says, 'Such people are not able to exercise daily and they do not even have enough time to go to the gym every day. Our research gives them an alternative.

She says that such people can do exercises like running, climbing, hiking and cycling on weekends.

start slowly

Experts say that if you have only one or two hours a week to exercise, then you should gradually increase the intensity of your exercise. Start it with jogging or you can join a Zumba class. After this gradually increase the intensity.

Talking to Medical News Today, Australian doctor Kelsam Fraser says, 'You can lose weight through weight training. Weight training exercise twice a week speeds up metabolism, which gives strength to new muscles. Besides, you will also need a good amount of energy for this.

Doctors say that along with exercise, your diet is also very important for weight loss. When you exercise and your diet is not right then it has a bad effect on the body. Along with this, if you are not doing high intensity exercise then you will have to keep your diet accordingly. Take care of the nutrients in the food and take calories according to the needs of the body.