A video of Brazil's capital Rio de Janeiro is going viral on social media. In this video, a woman reached the bank carrying a dead person in a wheelchair to take a loan. During this, the woman puts a pen in the hand of the dead person and tries to get him to sign.

The bank employees are surprised at this action of the woman. They ask the woman about the man sitting lifeless in the wheelchair. On this the woman calls him her relative. The woman says that she has been ill for a long time. The woman tries to take a loan of $3,400 in that person's name. But the bank staff becomes suspicious of this and a bank employee captures this entire incident on his camera. Soon this video went viral on social media.

In this video, it can be seen that the woman puts a pen in the hands of the lifeless man and tries to get him to sign the loan paper. But the man's head repeatedly rolls backwards, on which the woman raises his head again and again. During this she also threatens to sign here and stop giving me headache. Meanwhile the bank staff informs the police. Police reaches the spot and arrests the woman. Meanwhile, the medical team reaches the bank and confirms that the person sitting in the wheelchair is dead and had died before being brought to the bank. 

According to the report, the woman has been identified as Erica D'Souza. While the deceased person has been identified as Paulo Braga, who is a retired pensioner. Erica was the niece of that man and lived with him as a caretaker. After Braga's death, the woman wanted to get a loan sanctioned for herself from his bank account. 

Let us tell you that this incident has surprised everyone. People are angry at the woman on social media. The word CADAVER is trending on Brazilian social media posts. CADAVER means corpse.