Astrology: Due to planets, there may be excessive sleep or lack of sleep. According to medicine, both insomnia and excessive sleep are not good for health. Due to lack of adequate sleep, there is a possibility of an increase in BP, confusion, etc., while excess sleep also acts as a hindrance in the progress of life. Due to the deteriorating balance of both, one has to face many diseases. Let us know what is the secret behind this and which planets cause these problems, and also know its simple and surefire solutions.

1- If the Moon is situated in Aries and is aspecting Mars, then the person faces the problem of insomnia. Such people often wake up suddenly while sleeping and then remain awake for a long time. Generally, there is very little sleep.

Remedy- For good sleep, they must do some physical work, which causes fatigue so that they can sleep properly. People who are facing this kind of problem should take a walk for some time before sleeping, this will improve the digestion of dinner, and due to tiredness, they will also be able to sleep easily. Sleep only after reciting Hanuman Chalisa in the evening.

2- If the Moon located in Libra at this place gets connected with Mars, then the person feels very sleepy and starts feeling drowsy while sitting at work. 

Remedy- Apart from sleeping early, one should wake up early in the morning and do Surya Namaskar and also make it a regular practice to offer water to the Sun.

3- If Saturn starts aspecting the ascendant, the problem of insomnia arises and the person is not able to sleep properly even at bedtime. Even when the Sun is in an inauspicious and weak position in the horoscope, the problem of not sleeping till late at night arises. 

Remedy-  People who have such a situation in their horoscope should have a light dinner, eat only coarse grains, and do not sleep in the afternoon when the Sun is on them.