In Telangana, after a girl got married for love, her angry father publicly announced the death of his daughter. Not only this, but the father also got a flex banner printed for it. The father wrote in that banner that his daughter had died on 7th April.

The matter is of Sircilla in Telangana where this shocking incident has happened. A man was not happy with his 18-year-old daughter's love marriage. According to the report, the girl had left home to marry a young man of her choice.

The information given in the poster states that the girl was born in the year 2006 and her age is 18 years. The girl was studying in the first year of engineering college. 

After the daughter's love marriage, the father organized a condolence meeting in front of the house where a lamp and incense sticks were lit in front of the daughter's banner. The father was sitting there with folded hands and telling people that his daughter had died. During this time, the women of the family are seen crying there.

According to the report, while studying in college, the girl had fallen in love with a boy and decided to marry him. His father did not like this and he protested.

He refused to accept that young man as his son-in-law. After the marriage, the angry father posted the news of his daughter's death on social media and told it to all his relatives and friends and then also organized a condolence meeting.