Moscow. The death toll in the terrorist attack on Friday night at Kraków City Hall, located near the Russian capital Moscow, has increased to 143, with more than 100 injured. Meanwhile, Russian security forces have laid siege and arrested 11 people, including four attackers who wreaked havoc during the concert.

What did the eyewitnesses say?

At the same time, eyewitnesses present at the time of the incident have described its horror. Dave Primeov, who was in the hall during the attack, told the news agency about the chaos in the hall after the attack began. Primeov said that when suddenly gunshots started ringing in Kraków City Hall, we all tried to move towards the corridor.

many people were crushed

He further said that during this time there was a stampede-like atmosphere. People got scared and started running from one place to another. During this, many people fell and some people crushed them.

people started going to their heads

Another eyewitness, Alexey, while mentioning the incident, said that he was about to sit on his seat before the start of a rock concert, when suddenly he heard the sound of gunshots and people screaming. He further said that as people ran towards the emergency exit, a huge crowd had gathered there and people started climbing over each other's heads to get out.