New Delhi: Lok Sabha Election 2024: The dates of Lok Sabha elections have been announced in the country. A model code of conduct has also been implemented. Nomination for the first phase of voting has also started. The rule is that now if the administration wants, it can take your private vehicle, so that it can be used in the election system. 

Vehicles can be taken by handing over notices.
Actually, during elections, the administration requires a large number of vehicles. In such a situation, they can use both commercial and personal vehicles. There is a rule that under the Model Code of Conduct, by serving a notice to the owner of the vehicle, his vehicle can be used for election purposes. 

If you refuse, FIR can be registered.
After the implementation of the Model Code of Conduct, the administration comes under the Election Commission. The administrative system works as per the instructions of the Commission. The District Election Officer has the right to acquire any vehicle. If the administration wants to acquire your vehicle and you are refusing, then an FIR can be lodged against you. 

Understand from this example:
You can understand this from the example of Saharanpur of UP. To conduct the Lok Sabha elections here, around two thousand vehicles will have to be acquired. For this, the local administration has asked for a list from the transport department. Now the Transport Department will hand over the list of SUVs to buses to the administration. Along with this, the names, mobile numbers, and home addresses of the vehicle owners will be made available.