Ramadan 2024: The month of Ramadan has started. People of the Muslim religion keep fast in this month. Everyone, starting from small children, keeps Roza. All rules are followed. Diabetic patients also keep fast during this period. But they should also take some special precautions which are better for their health. However, according to the Holy Quran, fasting is not mandatory for people suffering from health ailments. However, they can control their blood sugar levels by following some tips.

The number of hours of fasting in Ramadan depends on sunrise and sunset. During fasting, nothing is eaten from the first light of the morning till the sun sets. Due to the long gap between meals, there can be changes in the digestive system within the body. This can cause diabetes problems.

Diabetes patients should keep fast like this
While talking to Local 18, Dr. Sheelu Shafiq Siddiqi of Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College gave some tips for diabetic patients to keep fast. It says that if a diabetic patient is fasting during Ramzan, then he must check his blood sugar level before fasting. Dehydration is a common and serious risk while fasting. Which especially diabetic patients have to face. Therefore, you can consume lemon water, buttermilk, coconut water, melon, fresh fruit juice with less sugar, and rose syrup in sufficient quantity.

Type 1 and Type 2 diabetic patients or those who always need insulin. They should keep checking glucose at short intervals. If the sugar level of a diabetic patient is less than 70 or reaches more than 300, then he should break the fast immediately.

Take care of blood pressure

People who are suffering from diabetes should keep checking their blood pressure from time to time while fasting. People observing Roza do not consume any food or drink water from sunrise to sunset. It also affects blood pressure. Therefore, diabetic patients should be alert about their blood pressure and can keep checking it from time to time through testing kits. During this time, if you feel too hot or feel strange, consult a doctor immediately.

Take care of fiber in Sehri

Foods rich in fiber should be consumed during Sehri. This can help you maintain blood sugar. Let us tell you, the body takes more time to digest fiber-rich foods, in such a situation the blood sugar level in the body does not increase suddenly.