Seema Haider of Pakistani origin has been in the headlines ever since she came to India. By entering India illegally, Seema Haider took such a big step in the love of Sachin (Sachin Meena) . Seema Haider was not only already married but also had children. In such a situation, he along with his children thought it appropriate to cross many borders and come to India (Sema Haider Crossed Border) . Once again one of his viral videos has raised many questions. In the video that surfaced, many types of marks are visible on Seema Haider's face.

News of dispute between Sachin Meena and Seema Haider

After the video went viral, people were speculating whether there was a fight between Sachin and Seema. Seema's upper lip and right eye are swollen. Meanwhile, Seema's lawyer AP Singh claims that the video that surfaced on social media is completely fake. AP Singh says that this video has been made with AI . This technique is being used by Pakistani YouTubers.

Seema Haider's video fake

Seema Haider also called this video completely fake. Seema Haider slammed Pakistani YouTubers for spreading fake news during the month of Ramzan. She says that everything is fine between me and Sachin Meena. Our entire family is living peacefully and happily. UP Chief Minister Maharaj Yogi Adityanath will not tolerate atrocities against women in any way.

Seema Haider came to India illegally for Sachin Meena

Karachi resident Seema Haider met Sachin Meena through online gaming. Seema first reached Nepal with her three children to meet Sachin, a resident of Noida. Both of them got married in Pashupatinath. After this, Sachin crossed the border with all three children and reached Greater Noida. Although Seema Haider was also accused of being a Pakistani spy, she has always rejected these allegations.