The love story of a couple in the Hamirpur district of UP is in the news. The couple is in an aunt-nephew relationship. The girlfriend is a minor and seems to be her boyfriend's aunt. But yesterday the nephew ran away with his minor aunt. Regarding this, the victim's family has accused the nephew of kidnapping. At present, the police are searching for the couple. 

The whole matter is of Maudaha police station Kotwali area of ​​the district, where a minor girl went missing on March 21. While giving a complaint to the Kotwali police, the family members said that a young man from the village along with some of his friends had kidnapped her. If he protests, he is being threatened with life and property. 

According to the information, Ajay Nishad of the village has been accused of kidnapping a 16-year-old minor girl. It is being told about Ajay that he was to get married on April 21, but even before the marriage, he got into an affair with his 16-year-old cousin. 

The father of the missing girl, along with giving a complaint to the police, showed the leaving certificate of the accused youth and said that he is also a minor and a family relative. At present, the police have registered a complaint and are busy investigating. 


The father of the minor girl, while giving a complaint to the Kotwali police, said that when his daughter was kidnapped, the elder daughter was at home. Ajay along with his three other associates entered the house and forcibly took away the daughter by threatening her. The victim's father also said that when he reached the young man's house with his complaint, he was threatened with life and property. 

The victim's father fears that his daughter might be murdered. Meanwhile, in this case, Maudaha Kotwali in charge of Ram Asare Saroj says that the search for both is going on. An inspector has been appointed for further investigation. Appropriate action will be taken after the investigation.