Acharya Chanakya is considered a wonderful teacher and scholar. The book Chanakya Niti written by him is popular worldwide today. Mainly, Chanakya has explained every part of life in his book. Mainly, Chanakya in his book has explained in detail about every part of life, which we can adopt to face every challenge. In Chanakya Niti, Acharya Chanakya has also told many important things regarding husband and wife. He said that some girls are fools for their husbands. Let us see what Chanakya Niti says about this.

Chanakya's policy on marriage

According to Chanakya Niti, a man should always marry a virtuous girl, be well-behaved, speak sweetly, obey elders, and be full of virtues. As Acharya Chanakya has said, marrying girls with these qualities is appropriate and beneficial. One should not look at the beauty of the life partner before marriage (a beautiful life partner), but should pay attention to their qualities.

Chanakya said that a girl who gets angry on every issue cannot keep the family happy. Marrying such a girl will ruin your life. Such girls do not get respect from their families.

Acharya Chanakya believes that the mind of the girl should also be known before marriage. The inner beauty of the girl should also be seen. To get married, a woman must be patient and religious. A girl should not marry by getting angry, throwing tantrums, not respecting her, or lying to her husband.