A glimpse of the film 'Toilet Ek Prem Katha' was seen in Telmar village of Nalanda district. Due to the lack of a toilet in my in-laws' house, my son-in-law did not come home for 2 years. The matter has reached the point of divorce. Due to the lack of a toilet, the son-in-law has even proposed divorce to the girl. Angered by this, the girl's family complained to the leader who organized the marriage. 

The leader also beat up the girl's family. A person named Rishi has been injured in this, and is being treated in the hospital. Regarding the incident, the girl's mother Sargun Devi said that her daughter was married to Vicky, a resident of Patna City, two years ago. At the time of marriage, the boy had asked for a toilet to be built.

Then the girl's father had promised Vicky to get a toilet built. But even after marriage, a toilet was not built at the girl's house. Because of this, the son-in-law has not entered his in-laws' house even once in the last two years since the marriage. The rift between husband and wife is increasing on this matter.

At the same time, the girl's mother said that how to build a toilet, we do not have money for it and are not even getting the benefits of government schemes. Sargun Devi said that the son-in-law is not ready to understand this. He is saying that the daughter's house will be settled only after the toilet is built, otherwise, be prepared for divorce. When the girl's family complained about this to the leader who organized the marriage, they beat up the girl's family.