Mumbai. Every day, viewers are getting to see some or the other drama in Anil Kapoor's show Bigg Boss OTT Season 3 on Jio Cinema. Many contestants who spent time with each other in the first week are now not shying away from throwing mud at each other after the slapping incident.

YouTuber Vishal Pandey is being nominated every time with the same reason that his intentions are bad. After Armaan Malik slapped Vishal, the dynamics of the house have completely changed.

Now last week, Munisha Khatwani, the fourth contestant to be eliminated from Bigg Boss OTT 3, told what was the atmosphere in the house after the slap incident. 

An atmosphere of fear had been created- Munisha Khatwani

The echo of this fierce fight between Vishal and Armaan over Kritika Malik was also heard on social media. From television stars to users, many people were seen supporting Vishal in this matter.

Now, Munisha, who is homeless, also talked about this incident and told what effect it had on the atmosphere of the house. In an exclusive conversation with Dainik Jagran, Munisha said,

Vishal should have been given a chance to explain

Munisha further supported her younger brother like friend Vishal Pandey and said, "When Vishal Pandey said those things about Kritika, Armaan Malik stood up for Kritika as a husband on the show. I am married myself, so I can understand that if my husband was on the show, he too could have reacted like this.

In such a situation, if Armaan Malik has got the benefit of doubt even after slapping and he is still in the show, then Vishal Pandey should also be given this opportunity to give his clarification. I am not saying that what he said about Kritika was right, he should not have used the word 'guilty'. Let us tell you that even after coming out, Munisha is continuously supporting Vishal.