Age is the only thing in this world that you cannot buy with money or get back through any treatment. Once age passes, it passes. Therefore, every person wishes that his life should be long. He lived for 100 years, but sometimes a person has some habits which harm him. These habits lead a person to the brink of death. 

Man's bad habits are his biggest enemy. If habits are not changed in time, then after some time they start causing harm. Nowadays it is common to use mobile and laptops, but do you know that using them excessively affects your age? Therefore this habit needs to be changed a bit. Learn to use phone and laptop only for work.  

At the same time, if you sleep less then this is also a habit that harms your health. Due to this many types of diseases can affect you. Therefore, a person should get an adequate amount of sleep. A person should sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours. 

If you are fond of spicy and fried things then this hobby can weigh heavily on you. Because of this you can become, e-cigarettes vulnerable to many diseases including cholesterol and heart.

On the other hand, if you consume cigarettes, be become alcohol, then this habit can lead you to dangerous consequences. It is in your best interest to give up the drug addiction immediately. 

If you sit in one place for hours then change and our habits, it can harm you. If your work is like this, then get up every now and then and keep moving your body, so that it remains active. Sitting at one place fin a long time has a bad effect on the body. 

If you like too much salt in your food then it is bad for your health. Excessive use of salt increases your blood pressure level. Due to the increase in blood pressure,e you can get many diseases. Many types of diseases can surround you.