According to Russian news agencies, on Friday, five gunmen dressed in combat uniforms opened fire at a concert hall near Moscow, killing at least 60 people and seriously injuring 145. According to the report of the news agency The Associated Press, gunmen opened fire at the Crocus City Hall, located on the western edge of the Russian capital. Later, sounds of explosions were also heard and the concert hall was seen engulfed in flames. The attackers are present inside the concert hall. According to an AP report, Russia's top investigative agency is investigating the incident of shooting and explosion in the Moscow concert hall as a terrorist attack.

An hour after the firing started, Rosgvardia special forces reached the Crocus City Hall and started an anti-terror operation in the building to eliminate the terrorists. Helicopters were sent to the spot to extinguish the fire. More than 70 ambulances were deployed at the spot amid fears that hundreds of people were trapped in the concert hall. According to Russian news reports, the gunmen threw bombs into the concert hall after the shooting. In the video viral on social media, a huge plume of black smoke was seen rising over the building. By the time the news was written, Russian special forces had entered the building and started their operation to eliminate the terrorists. 

Moscow Governor Vorobyov said that more than 70 ambulances are deployed near the Crocus City Hall, and doctors are providing necessary assistance to all the injured. The bodies of the dead are being taken out from inside the hall. All mass gatherings have been canceled in the Russian capital for this week. Earlier this month, the US Embassy had issued an advisory regarding such attacks in Russia. The US Embassy had said that 'extremists' were planning to target large gatherings such as music concerts in Moscow. In the advisory, American citizens were urged to avoid going to such large gatherings.

When the terrorists attacked the concert hall, the performance of the band 'Picnic Music' was going on there. All the tickets for this music concert were sold. According to an estimate, 6200 people were present in the hall when the terrorists started firing. The maximum capacity of the hall at Crocus is 9,500 people. Security agencies are on alert at Russian airports. According to Russian media reports, the terrorists first killed the security guards and then closed the entry and exit of the concert hall and started firing indiscriminately. After the explosion, a fire broke out on the upper floor of the concert hall and part of the roof collapsed.

"The White House said it found no indication that Ukraine or Ukrainians were involved in the terrorist attack in Moscow," Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in a statement. On what basis are officials sitting in Washington concluding someone's innocence amid this tragedy? If the United States had or has any reliable information in this regard, it should be immediately transferred to the Russian side. And if there is no such information, then the White House has no right to give a clean chit to anyone. Russia will find out who is behind this attack.