The Indian Navy has once again won over the pirates and rescued an Iranian ship from their clutches. It was an Iranian fishing vessel, along with which the Indian Navy also safely rescued 23 Pakistani crew. Regarding the operation that lasted for more than 12 hours, the Navy said in its statement that, our expert team will investigate the area, so that the area becomes safe again for fishing and other normal activities. The ship was captured by pirates on Thursday itself, after which the Navy started an operation to rescue them.

According to information revealed on Friday, the Indian Navy responded to the pirates' attack near the Gulf of Aden and after hours of intense action, the crew of 23 Pakistani nationals has been rescued by the Indian Navy. At the same time, the pirates aboard the Iranian fishing vessel 'AI Kanbar 786' have surrendered. The Navy had received information about this attack by pirates on the Iranian fishing vessel 'Al Kanbar 786' on the evening of March 28.

As soon as such information was received, the Navy responded by deploying two ships deployed in the Arabian Sea for maritime security operations to rescue the Iranian ship. The navy said in a statement that, at the time of the incident, the ship was about 90 nm southwest of Socotra and was reported to have had nine armed pirates aboard. The hijacked FV was intercepted on March 29. 
Let us tell you that Socotra Archipelago is in the northwest Indian Ocean near the Gulf of Aden. The Indian Navy has increased its vigilance due to increasing attacks on merchant ships near the Gulf of Aden in recent months.

On January 5, the Indian Navy rescued the Liberian-flagged ship MV Leela Norfolk off the Somalia coast after it was hijacked by pirates. On 23 March, Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral R Hari Kumar said that the Navy would take necessary action to further secure the Indian Ocean region.