A surprising case has come to light from Agra in Uttar Pradesh. Where the wife beat her husband with a rolling pin for not allowing him to watch serials on TV. It is being told that the husband was watching the IPL match and the wife got angry at this. Because the wife wanted to watch her favorite serial. The wife expressed her wish several times but the husband ignored it. Angered by this, the wife beat her husband with a rolling pin. 

After this incident, the wife complained to her husband in the police station. The police sent the matter to the family counseling center. Let us tell you, that the marriage of a girl from Sadabad police station, Hathras district, and a young man from Agra was solemnized in 2022 as per Hindu customs. Both have a one-year-old son. The young man works in a private organization based in Noida. Everything was going well after marriage. But as soon as IPL started, a dispute started between the two. 

Dispute between husband and wife over watching IPL match

Since there is only one TV in the house, the wife is not able to watch her favorite series. In the evening the husband starts watching the IPL match. The wife told the counselor at the family counseling center that she is not able to watch her serial in the evening because her husband gets busy watching matches in the evening. By the time the match ends, the serial also ends. The husband sits with the mobile in one hand and the TV remote in the other. The wife asked her husband several times to watch the match on mobile but he did not agree. 

A fight started between the two on this matter. One day the tension between the two increased so much that a fight broke out. Angered, the wife returned to her parents' house. She has been living in her maternal home for the last three months. After returning to her parents' home, the girl told her parents about the assault. After this, a complaint was lodged in the local police station. The police sent the matter to the Family Counseling Center for settlement. 

Agreement reached at family counseling center

Counselor Dr. Amit Gaud said that both the husband and wife have been explained. The husband has been told to watch the evening match in replays. Let your wife watch serials in the evening. The husband said that he would not watch cricket at the time of the serials. Both of them agreed to this and a compromise was reached between them.