Do you ever feel like there is dirt all around you all the time and you keep washing your hands until they become completely dry? These symptoms are of contamination OCD, which is a mental health problem. 

Main reasons for having contamination OCD:
1. Many people also have contamination OCD due to genetic reasons, which they get from their ancestors. 
2. People who are suffering from any illness for a long time also suffer from this mental health-related illness. 
3. Due to the habit of excessive cleanliness since childhood, this contamination later turns into OCD. 
4. Fear of dirt in the mind is also the reason for this mental health problem. 
5. People who live under high anxiety and stress also get contamination OCD. 
6. If you are more sensitive about things and are emotionally weak, then you can become a victim of contamination OCD. 

Symptoms of Contamination OCD
1. You touched something and then immediately started washing your hands. These are symptoms of contamination OCD. In this state, a person feels that his hands remain dirty, so he keeps washing them. 
2. People suffering from this mental problem avoid going to public places. Because they feel that there is filth all around them. 
3. Cleaning is a good thing, but excessive cleaning is a symptom of contamination OCD. If you keep cleaning the same place again and again, it means you have become a victim of this mental health problem. 
4. If you ever accidentally touch garbage and start having a panic attack, it means you are suffering from contamination OCD. 
5. If you use gloves excessively then this is also a symptom of contamination OCD. 
6. Contamination The ghost of cleanliness haunts the mind of a person suffering from OCD. Because he is afraid that there might be germs around him.
Ways to Prevent Contamination OCD
1. Identify your triggers. Find out the things that trigger your contamination OCD. 
2. Do yoga and meditation to control your fear. This will calm your mind and contamination will not trigger OCD. 
3. Contamination OCD is a mental health problem, so contact a good psychiatrist. Because if it is not treated, it can harm your mental health in the future.