Israel deploys C-Dome defense system for the first time:  Israel has used the Iron Dome thousands of times to stop rockets fired from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. But this is the first time that it has deployed C-Dome near the southern city of Eilat.

The first deployment of the C-Dome defense system
Israel's C-Dome air defense system hit one of its targets at midnight on Monday. When a suspicious drone was flying over the Red Sea. C-Dome is a naval version of the Iron Dome air defense system. This defense system installed on the ship is used to protect against rocket and missile attacks at sea. C-Dome is a joint project of the Israel Navy, Israel Missile Defense Organization (part of the Defense Research and Development Directorate of the Ministry of Defense), and Rafael Advanced Systems. 

​C-Dome for sea warfare
The main function of C-Dome, developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, is to destroy enemy targets mid-way while at sea. This is Israel's largest missile to protect against rocket and missile attacks. Is a weapon. Special types of interceptors are installed in it. It explodes and kills any target that comes near it in the air. It has a radar system that can track multiple targets simultaneously. Its most special thing is that it can attack in all four directions.  

C-Dome consists of three components – the TAIMIR interceptor, a modular vertical-launch unit (VLU), and a command and control (C2). The use of Hip's surveillance radar to detect and monitor threats eliminates the need for a dedicated radar. According to Israeli defense company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, it is a highly advanced warhead that ensures high lethality probability against a wide range of targets.

C-Dome can attack up to 250 kilometers and
is kept on a ship in the sea. Can counter threats in a wide range of up to 250 kilometers. The radar installed in it detects any impending disaster in advance. AItscapability ensures that threats are neutralized before they pose any major threat to the ship.