Many factors can hinder a good night's sleep. Work stress, family responsibilities, excessive use of mobile TV, and many diseases affect sleep. You may not be able to control the factors that interfere with your sleep, but you can adopt some habits that can control your sleep.

clean bed

According to a review by the National Sleep Foundation, people who clean their bed every day are 19 percent more likely to sleep soundly and have better health. Researchers at St. Lawrence University in America also found that sleeping in a dirty room increases anxiety. 

clean sheet

When it comes to your bedding, you need to wash pillowcases and sheet covers at least every week. However, if you have asthma, eczema, or allergy to dust, then take special care. This will help you sleep better.

do not use mobile

Research shows that exposure to blue light before sleep disturbs your sleep. Therefore, stay away from mobile and laptop for about one to one and a half hours before sleeping.

sleep less during the day

Long naps during the day can interfere with night sleep, so if you feel lazy or sleepy during the day, do not sleep for more than an hour. However, if you work at night, you will have to sleep the day before to make up for your sleep.

Increase physical activity

Doing physical activity daily can promote better sleep. But keep in mind, avoid doing heavy activities just before sleeping.