iPhone Live Photo: The live photo feature is provided in the iPhone, this feature is quite unique and after clicking the photo, it seems as if it is a video, although it is a photo only. If you do not know about this feature, then today we will tell you about it in detail and will also tell you what are its advantages and disadvantages. 

How does the iPhone's Live Photo feature work?

The iPhone's Live Photo feature captures a 1.5-second video clip before and after the photo you take. This gives you an animated picture that gives you a slightly dynamic view of that moment.

How this feature works:

When you take a Live Photo, the iPhone's camera captures a 1.5-second video clip before and after the photo.
It converts the video clip into a 12-megapixel photo.
When you view Live Photos, the iPhone shows a small portion of the video clip.
You can play video clips by touching the Live Photo or using 3D Touch.

Some benefits of Live Photo:

It gives you a little bit of a dynamic view of that moment.
You can convert Live photos into GIFs.
You can use live photos as wallpaper.

Some disadvantages of Live Photo:

It takes up more space than regular photos.
This is not available on some older iPhone models.

How to use Live Photo:

Open the Camera app
Turn on Live Photos
Take a photo
To view the photo, go to the Photos app
Play the video clip by touching the photo or using 3D Touch

Here are some other things you can do with Live Photos:

You can convert Live Photo to GIF
You can use Live Photo as wallpaper
You can share Live Photo on social media

For more information, you can visit the Apple Support website:

It's also important to note that Live Photo is not available on all iPhone models. It is only available on iPhone 6s and later models.