Greater Noida. Uttar Pradesh is going to get a chance to host the talent hunt for the first time. The competition will start from the second week of August at Shaheed Vijay Singh Pathik Sports Complex. More than 1500 players from all over the country will participate in the talent hunt competition.It is the result of the ever-increasing sports facilities in the district that Uttar Pradesh has been given the responsibility of organizing the fourth major boxing competition of the year. The talent hunt will be organized under the supervision of the UP Boxing Association and the Boxing Federation of India.

280 bouts will be played every day

Pramod Kumar, general secretary of UP Boxing Association, said that more than 280 bouts will be played every day. In the national competition, bouts are held in two rings, but in the talent hunt, there will be four rings. The men and women who win the competition will be selected for the national camp.

200 referees will decide the victory and defeat in the competition

The junior players will be selected by various academies. This competition will continue for 19 days. 200 referees will decide the winner and loser in the competition. The players participating in the talent hunt will have to make their own arrangements for staying. Last time this competition was organized by Haryana.Three national competitions held in one year Three national competitions have been held in the district in one year under the supervision of UP Boxing Association. Uttar Pradesh is continuously getting hosting from the Boxing Federation of India.Due to better sports facilities in the state, the inclination of players towards boxing has also increased. The Elite Women's National Boxing Competition was successfully organized in December 2023 and the Sub Junior Boys and Girls Competition in January 2024.

Vishupal and Anirudh were selected by JSW Academy

Vishupal of Saharanpur and Anirudh of Meerut had won medals in the Sub Junior National Boys Competition. Both of them were taken by JSW Academy. They are now being prepared by JSW Academy. Officials of UP Boxing Association said that they are being prepared for the Olympics by the academy.

Various academies will select the players. Officials of various academies of the country will also be present during the talent hunt competition. The academies will select the junior boys and girls. They will prepare them for the national level competition. The academies will also make arrangements for the players' boarding and lodging as well as training.