The central government of our country has started many schemes for the welfare of the people, which are being benefited by lakhs and crores of people. The government has started many schemes keeping every section in mind.

Apart from this, many new rules and laws were also implemented. The government has taken great care of the weaker sections of the country. Similarly, the governments of many states of our country are also running various schemes for the people of their states. A large number of people in the state are taking advantage of these.

In this sequence, the Rajasthan government had started a new scheme giving a big gift to the people of its state. Under this scheme, the Rajasthan government has reduced the fares of roadway buses by 50% for the people of its state. Every citizen of the state is happy with this decision of the government.

announcement in budget

The Rajasthan government had made two special announcements in its presented budget. This was the first time in the last 22 years that a Finance Minister presented the budget in Rajasthan. Earlier the Chief Minister was presenting the budget. In this time's budget, the state government had increased the fare discount given to senior citizens aged 60 to 80 years from 30% to 50%.

After this news came, there was a wave of happiness among the elders. This will help poor passengers to travel and they will be able to go anywhere as per their needs. Let us tell you that the government has run many schemes for the poor in the state, first concession in fare was given to women and then concession in fare to senior citizens. Now the elderly have got concession in fare and apart from this, children traveling to school have also been given concession in fare.