Uttar Pradesh News: Flights have started from Aligarh Airport to Lucknow. People from the district and surrounding areas are demanding flights to Ayodhya. DM Visakh ji discussed this issue with the officials of the airline operating company Fly Big. They have been asked to be ready for flights to places like Ayodhya, Banaras, Gorakhpur, Kanpur, and Moradabad. 

DM said that company officials said that every possible effort is being made to start flights in these cities soon. Special efforts are being made to fly to Ayodhya earlier from here. DM said that there will be flights between Aligarh Airport and Lucknow only twice a week. After this, flights will start five days every week. In the second phase, air services will be started for various cities. 


It was reported that the expansion of the runway at the airport is continuing. Officers have been ordered to complete this work expeditiously. Investigation of the remaining land is still going on. After this, there will be acquisition, compensation, etc. After the expansion of the airport, a runway of about five kilometers will be built, the DM said. Then even big planes will be able to land easily from here. For better connectivity, efforts are also being made to connect Aligarh Airport with Jewar International Airport.