Greater Noida News: There is great news for the people of this district of Uttar Pradesh. Let us tell you that bus stands will be built at various places on the 28-kilometer-long expressway in this district. A place has also been selected to build a bus bay. The bus stand on this expressway in UP will be built on the lines of Mumbai in Delhi. There is good news for the people living in Greater Noida. Bus bays will be built at various places on this 28-kilometer long and 130-meter wide expressway. Greater Noida Authority has already made preparations for this. According to the information, the places for making bus bays at the more populated places on the 130-meter expressway are being identified. After the construction of Jewar Airport, buses will run on a 130-meter expressway. These buses go from Jewar Airport to Greater Noida West.

Bus bays will be built on the 130-meter expressway, where buses can park and board passengers. These bus bays will be built like Delhi and Mumbai, so that other vehicles will not face any problems. Bus timetable, arrival and departure time, and other details will be displayed on the bus bay.

There will also be facilities for sun, shade, and protection from heat at the bus bay. There will also be separate places for boarding and deboarding the bus. Special arrangements will also be made for the elderly and disabled. They will get separate places to board and deboard the bus. The residents of Greater Noida West have been demanding transport facilities for a long time. There was a demand for bus and metro for a long time. This is why the government has decided to build a bus bay on the 130-meter expressway on the demand of the Greater Noida Development Committee and has started the process for it.

This step will provide a lot of relief to the people of Greater Noida West and they will get transportation facilities. Besides, the bus bays being built along the 130-meter wide expressway will also help in smoothening the traffic.