Mukhtar Ansari Health Update: The health of mafia don Mukhtar Ansari, lodged in Banda jail in Uttar Pradesh, has deteriorated again. He was hurriedly taken from the jail to a medical college in Banda, where the dog is undergoing treatment in the ICU. If sources are to be believed, Mukhtar Ansari suddenly suffered a heart attack on Thursday night, after which he was shifted from jail to medical college. It is being told that the condition of the mafia don is quite serious.

Treatment going on in the ICU

According to the information received, a panel of 3 doctors in Banda jail was continuously monitoring the health of Mukhtar Ansari. But still, there was no improvement in Mukhtar's health. After the heart attack, the doctors thought it appropriate to shift him to the medical college again. At present, Mukhtar has been admitted to the Medical College and is undergoing treatment in the ICU.

Doctors recommended surgery

Even before this, the health of former Bahubali MLA Mukhtar Ansari had deteriorated on March 26. When he was admitted to the medical college, and the doctors recommended surgery after initial examination. After which Mukhtar was shifted to the ICU for surgical intervention…but later he was discharged. During this time, Mukhtar's MP brother Afzal Ansari had told that his brother had claimed that he was given poison in his food twice in jail.