Lucky Sign On Palm:  Hands and feet are like our horoscope. The symbols found in these indicate many types of yoga. There are two types of marks formed on hands or feet. One which lives forever and the other which is visible only for a certain period. The marks which always remain on a person's body, tell all the characteristics of that person. An important thing about these symbols is that they must be independent.

What do these signs look like?
Square- Generally squares are found on the lines and mountains of the palm. It provides security wherever it is, but when it is on Venus, it causes a trip to jail.

Triangle – The triangle symbol can also be found anywhere on the palm. But whichever mountain it is found on, it increases its effect. Clear and regular triangles always have auspicious effects.

Tara - Wherever Tara is on the hand or leg, it causes harm to that place. But it gives great fame on the mountain of the Sun. The star on the Mount of the Sun indicates achieving great achievements in life.

Ring - Whichever part of the palm this mark is on, it stops the auspicious effects of that place. Its occurrence on the Sun is considered the worst. Whereas on Jupiter it gives auspicious results.

Mole - Mole is considered good only in the middle of the palm. It is not good to have a mole anywhere else on the palm. If it is on the sole, then the person has to run around a lot throughout his life.

Conch shells - Conch shells are found on the tips of the fingers. It is considered a sign of scholarship and knowledge. The symbol of the conch is considered very auspicious. Mother Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu are always kind to those people who have a mark of conch on their palms.

Chakra – These are also found on the tips of the fingers. These marks indicate wealth and property. This symbol indicates happiness and good fortune in the life of the person. The person who has the Chakra mark on his hand enjoys immense wealth.