When was the last tariff hike in the telecom industry? Perhaps you might call increasing the minimum recharge plan of Airtel from Rs 99 to Rs 155 a price hike, but it is not so. Telecom companies have not made any major changes in their overall portfolio in the last few years. 

Even after the launch of the 5G service, we have not seen a hike in the tariff price, which may happen soon. Market analysts believe so. Antique Stock Broking estimates that after the Lok Sabha elections, a price hike of 15 to 17 percent may be seen. This price hike will be seen in the plans of Bharti Airtel. 

There was a big hike in the year 2021

According to the PTI report, the last price hike of 20 percent was seen, which happened in December 2021. It is estimated that Bharti Airtel is trying to improve its ARPU . The company can increase its average revenue per user from Rs 208 to Rs 286 by the financial year 2027. 

This speculation has been made for many reasons. This includes reasons like tariff hikes, transition of customers from 2G to 4G, and switching to expensive data plans. However, at present no official information has been given by the telecom companies on this matter. 

Telecom companies did not respond

India Today Tech has contacted Jio and Airtel regarding this. However, till the time of writing this news, the telecom companies have not given any information. Antique Stock Broking estimates that there will be an increase in the number of subscribers of Airtel. 

The company's subscribers will be double the market average. Jio and Airtel have started rolling out 5G networks in many cities. Both the telecom companies have not made any major changes in their recharge portfolio since the 5G rollout, which has been expected for a long time. 

Because of this, market analysts are speculating that we may soon see a price hike. Jio, Airtel, and other telecom companies can introduce separate recharge plans for high-speed data. At the same time, 4G data can be given to users in low price recharge plans. However, no concrete information has been revealed yet on all the prices.