Israel Hamas War News: Israel has given a big blow to the terrorist organization Hamas and killed 3 sons and grandsons of its leader Ismail Haniyeh. Israel used air strikes for the operation. Hamas leader Haniyeh has confirmed the killing of his sons and grandsons. 

Israel blew up Haniye's sons' car

Hamas media reported that Israel carried out an air strike on a car in Gaza's al-Shati camp. His sons Hazem, Amir, and Mohammad, who were traveling in the car, were killed in that attack. According to Hamas, two of Haniye's grandsons were also killed in this attack, while one was badly injured. 

Terror leader's feet wobbled

Terror leader Ismail Haniyeh is operating Hamas by living in Doha, the capital of Qatar. Today on Wednesday, when he got the news of the killing of his sons and grandsons, his feet faltered and his face also paled. This scary video of him went viral on social media. 

Again gave a jackal's bark to Israel

While giving an interview with Al Jazeera Arabic, Ismail Haniyeh said, 'We will build a hope with the blood and pain of our martyrs. We will build the future. We will build freedom and independence for our people and country. We will not lose, we will remain victorious.

'The blood of my sons is not dearer than the blood of the country'

Haniyeh said, the blood of my sons is not dearer than that of the people of my country. This will not change anything, neither our intentions nor the passion of Hamas fighters. We will keep fighting for our rights. No matter how much sacrifice we have to make. 

According to Hamas sources, Ismail Haniye's three sons were traveling in a car with their family to other parts of the refugee camp to celebrate Eid. Then, after receiving an intelligence tip, the Israeli Air Force launched a swift strike on the convoy of cars. Haniye's three sons were killed in this attack. 

'The enemy should not be under any kind of illusion'

The Hamas chief said that he is considering an Israeli proposal on a ceasefire but it does not appear to meet any of the demands of the Palestinians. Haniye said, our demands are very clear and specific. We do not want to give any leeway to the enemy on these. The enemy is under the illusion that by killing my sons he will make me bow down in talks but this will not happen at all. We will never bow down on our demands. 

Ismail Haniyeh living hiding in Doha

On the news of the killing of Haniye's three sons, the Israeli military said that it is investigating these reports. Let us tell you that Ismail Haniye's family lives in the Gaza Strip. He has a total of 13 sons and daughters, out of which 3 sons have now died. He himself is living a life in a luxurious apartment in Doha, the capital of Qatar, away from Palestine. He is provided security from Qatar. He takes the lead on behalf of Hamas in the talks with Israel. 

Why is Israel angry?

Let us tell you that on October 7 last year, Hamas terrorists had attacked the border areas of Israel and killed about 1400 people. Along with this, about two hundred and fifty people were taken hostage. After these barbaric attacks in history, Israel's anger is at its peak. He is selectively targeting Hamas terrorists and their families in the Aza Strip. So far, more than 30 thousand people in Gaza have been killed in Israeli attacks.