Railway Facts: Indian Railways is considered to be one of the largest long rail networks in the world. More than 20 thousand passenger trains and more than 7 thousand goods trains run from more than 7 thousand railway stations in the country. Crores of people ride it every day. In such a situation, you too must have gone to the railway station many times. But do you know the meaning of Terminal, Junction and Central, etc. written at the railway station? Yes, all these words written on the railway station tell some special things about the station. Let us know in detail this very special information related to Indian Railways. 

Railway Junction

A junction is a railway station where trains arrive from at least three different routes. Such stations are called Junction Station. This means that more than two trains arrive simultaneously at these stations. According to the information, there are a maximum of 7 routes at Mathura Junction. 

Terminal Station

There is no difference between Terminal/Terminus Station. These are such stations where incoming trains do not proceed further. This is the last station for trains. Trains arrive at this station and move in this direction. The word terminus or terminal is derived from the English word 'termination', which means to end. Like Anand Vihar Terminal, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

Central Railway Station

In any city, the Central Railway Station is considered to be the oldest and busiest railway station. For example, those stations of a city which are oldest and where most trains pass, are usually called Central Railway Station. Like Mumbai Central, Kanpur Central, Chennai Central.