Dream Science: It is normal to dream while sleeping, but sometimes some things seen in dreams affect your real life also. Today we will tell you in this article that if you have seen yourself eating food in your dream, then what does it indicate to you? Today in this article we will tell you what it means if you have seen yourself eating something in your dream.

Eating food in the dream
According to the information of dream science, if you have seen yourself eating food, jalebi, or laddu in the dream, then it means that the coming time is going to be auspicious for you. This dream is considered auspicious for you. It also means that if you are struggling with any disease, then you can soon get relief from the disease. This dream also shows good nutrition and a feeling of satisfaction in the mind.

Donating food to the poor: 
According to dream science, if you see someone else donating food in your dream or you see a poor person donating food, then it is a sign that you will help needy people in real life too. There is a need to help. According to the scriptures, if you do this, your ancestors will be happy and their blessings will always remain with you.