New Delhi. If you want to increase body strength, flexibility, and stamina without going to the gym, then include the Animal Flow exercise in your routine. In which the focus is on walking, jumping, and jumping like animals. You may find it strange to hear, but you will start seeing the effect of doing these exercises within a few weeks. You will feel the agility of animals in your body. The muscles of the legs and hands become strong. In many exercises, you have to walk while sitting, which also reduces belly fat. Let us know about these exercises as well as the ways to do them. 

1. Frog Jump

Frog jumping is beneficial for the body in many ways. By doing this, along with increasing stamina, flexibility also increases. This exercise not only strengthens the upper part of the body but also strengthens the muscles of the pelvic area.

do it like this

Sit on your toes. Keep your hands on the ground. One has to jump by applying pressure from the toes, but after jumping one has to sit and not stand. 

2. Crow Walk

Crow walking is also a very good exercise to keep the body fit. By doing this the muscles of the legs become stronger. Also, if there is any kind of pain, it also provides relief.

do it like this

In this, keep your hands on the ground. Now try to lift the lower body upwards while giving the entire weight of the body to the hands. The knees have to rest on the biceps. 

3. Lizard Work Variation

Lizard walk i.e. walking like a lizard is also a very good lower body exercise. Doing this increases mobility and flexibility, and also strengthens the joints.

do it like this

For this, come into a lunge position. Then rest the elbows and knees on the ground. Remain in this position for some time. The whole body gets stretched well.

4. Inchworm Walk

Inchworm Walk especially focuses on the upper body, it keeps the shoulders, back, and waist completely engaged. Due to this they also become stronger.

do it like this

To do this you have to walk on your hands. Rest both hands on the ground and walk on the strength of hands and feet. By doing this exercise, mutual coordination between mind and body is maintained.