A heart-wrenching incident has come to light from Thrissur, Kerala. On Tuesday, a person traveling without a ticket allegedly pushed a TTE from a moving train, resulting in the death of the TTE.

Police said that a passenger pushed the TTE from the train in Thrissur, due to which he died. This incident happened when TTE Vinod Kumar was checking tickets in coach number S11 of Patna Superfast train. Then a migrant laborer traveling without a ticket pushed Vinod. Police said that the accused is a migrant laborer and he has been taken into custody from Palakkad.

According to the police, the accused told the police during interrogation that when the TTE asked him for a ticket, the accused pushed the TTE from the train. He fell from the moving train.

As soon as information about the incident was received, the Railway Police registered a case against the accused and started investigating the matter.