New Delhi. Along with green vegetables, the price of tomatoes has also increased in all the cities of the country. in many areas of the country's capital Delhi, tomatoes are being sold at the rate of Rs 90 per kg. Due to heavy rains in the monsoon, tomato crops have been damaged in many states. The vegetable seller said that due to heavy rains, the supply of tomatoes is not happening properly, due to which their prices have increased.Along with the local market, the price of tomatoes is also high in Delhi's wholesale markets like Azadpur Mandi, Ghazipur Mandi, and Okhla Sabzi Mandi. Delhi residents are also very upset due to the increase in tomato prices in the local market and online retail platforms. A resident of Laxmi Nagar told news agency PTI that while the price of tomatoes was Rs 28 per kg a few days ago, it has now become Rs 90 per kg. Along with tomatoes, green vegetables have also become expensive.

Heavy rain is the reason

Parveen, a seller at Ghazipur Sabji Mandi, said that tomatoes were being sold at Rs 30-35 per kilogram a week ago, which are now being sold at Rs 60-70 per kilogram. According to the vegetable seller of Okhla Sabzi Mandi, the price of tomatoes has seen a huge jump in the last one week. This jump has come due to heavy rains. The self life of tomatoes is not much. It starts rotting quickly. In such a situation, it cannot be stored for long.Due to heavy rains, the supply chain was affected, due to which its prices increased. Currently, many states of the country are receiving heavy rains due to the arrival of monsoon.