New Delhi: Numerology: The importance of every number is explained in numerology. It is believed that in numerology an attempt is made to know the future of a person through numbers. If a person is born on 23rd April then his root number will be called 5. In numerology, auspicious number and auspicious color are also predicted from the radix number. Let us know how today will be:

Number 1:
Today will be a good day for you. Employed people will get help from colleagues so that their work will be completed quickly. Today's lucky number will be 2 and the lucky color will be green.

Number 2:
Family advice will be important for you today. You will have to go out of the state in connection with business. Today is a very good day to resolve legal issues. Today's lucky number is 15 and the lucky color is yellow.

Number 3:
Today your material comforts will increase. There will be an opportunity to help the needy. Colleagues will be impressed by your ideas, but you should avoid interfering in the work of others. Today's lucky number is 12 and the lucky color is golden.

Number 4:
Today students will try something new. You will get back the pending money, which will strengthen your financial position. Today's lucky number is 20 and the lucky color is white.

Number 5:
Today you will get an opportunity to talk about some important topics with some special people in the office. Go for it. You will get support from your parents in your work. Today's lucky number is 14 and the lucky color is red.

Number 6:
Today you will be successful in giving proper expansion to your talent. You will consider contributing to social work. You need to be a little careful while talking to someone. Today's lucky number is 12 and the lucky color is red.

Number 7:
Today will be a normal day for you. You will benefit by working in a planned manner. Buy the things you need. There will be more sweetness in married life. Today's lucky number is 14 and the lucky color is green.

Number 8:
Today even your opponents will appreciate your work. Traveling for some important work will be pleasant. Your respect and honor will increase in the society. You will be very excited by getting a promotion along with promotion. Today's lucky number is 22 and ltheucky color is yellow.

Number 9:
Today you will complete all the tasks with your intelligence. Today you will have to face many challenges in office work. If you want to buy new land then this is an auspicious day. There is a possibility of an increase in business today. Today's lucky number is 12 and the lucky color is green.