Everyone knows that superstar Shahrukh Khan's father was involved in the country's freedom struggle. Now director Kabir Khan has said that Shahrukh has an Azad Hind Fauj connection and how this connection helped one of his projects.

Kabir Khan, who has made iconic films like 'Ek Tha Tiger' and 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan' with Salman Khan, told in an interview how he got the opportunity to work with Shahrukh. Kabir told how being an old connection, Shahrukh did not even charge fees for his project.

Shahrukh's Azad Hind Fauj connection
In an interview with Mashable India, Kabir Khan said, 'I made my first OTT series - The Forgotten Army. And there is one thing that very few people know. Shahrukh's father was very closely associated with General Shahnawaz Khan. General Shahnawaz Khan was one of the top generals of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose's Azad Hind Fauj. And Shahrukh's father was his close associate.

In this Kabir Khan show, there is a 30-second intro before every episode, which gives a historical context of that episode. Kabir said that when he thought whose voice would be best for this, Shahrukh's name immediately came to his mind. 

Kabir said, 'So I just took a chance on it. I called him and said, Shahrukh, I have made a series on Azad Fauj, will you lend your voice to it? Without thinking, he immediately replied – I will definitely do it. He came to the dubbing studio in Bandra, he sat and dubbed and he did it absolutely free. He refused to take money for this.  

Shahrukh's father was also involved in the freedom struggle.
In an old interview, Shahrukh had said that his father was very closely associated with politics during the country's independence. He had said, 'My family, especially my father, we all were very closely associated with the politics of the country at that time because he himself was one of the youngest freedom fighters of this country and was associated with people like General Shahnawaz.' General Shahnawaz Khan was the cousin of Shahrukh's father Mir Taj Mohammad Khan. 

General Shahnawaz Khan is known for taking down the flag of the British Empire from the Red Fort and hoisting the Indian tricolor for the first time. When Azad Hind Fauj surrendered to the British-controlled army, General Shahnawaz was publicly court-martialed in the Red Fort, and a death sentence was announced for him. But this created an uproar across the country, after which this punishment was canceled. After independence, General Shahnawaz entered politics and was also an MP from Meerut. 

Talking about Shahrukh, after three back-to-back successful films last year, the public is waiting for his next project. Reports have revealed that he is working on a film with his daughter Suhana Khan. But he has not announced his next project yet.