Tehran. There is an atmosphere of anger in Iran after the attack on the Iranian Embassy in Damascus. General Hussein Salami, head of Iran's elite force Revolutionary Guard, has called for revenge from Israel for the Damascus attack. Seven officers of the Revolutionary Guard, including two senior generals, were killed in this attack. Others killed included four Syrian civilians and a Lebanese Hezbollah fighter.

Slogans raised against Israel and America

Thousands of people attended the funeral of these officers on Friday and raised slogans against Israel and America, while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that his country has been facing the proxy war started by Iran for decades but now it will not take any provocative step. Will not tolerate it. Therefore, Iran should exercise restraint.

Processions were taken out at many places

Processions were taken out in the capital Tehran and other cities in protest against the attack on the Iranian embassy and anti-Israel slogans were raised. Revolutionary Guard commander Salami addressed the meeting held at Tehran University. Said, any attack will not remain unanswered. With the blessings of Allah, the power of the Jews in Israel will end very soon.

What did General Salami say?

General Salami said that America hates Muslim-majority countries, this has become completely clear in recent months. With the support of America, Israel is carrying out genocide in Gaza and attacks on neighboring countries. Earlier, the bodies of two generals and five officers of the Revolutionary Guard killed in the attack were taken to the cemetery in an army truck with full respect. The funeral of the slain officials and the protest at the Iranian Embassy coincided with the same day Iran celebrates Jerusalem Day in support of the Palestinians.

Israel is being extremely cautious regarding security

InGivenhe the importance of Friday in the month of Ramadan and the simmering emotions in Iran, Israel is being extremely cautious about security these days. The Israeli Army has put its combat squads and Air Force on high alert. It is learned that Israel has also disrupted GPS systems to confuse attacking missiles and drones. It should be noted that Iran-backed Hamas, Hezbollah, and Houthi rebels are already waging a war against Israel.