Ghazipur. The plan to kill his father, mother and elder brother was going on in the teenager's mind for several days. He told that as per the plan, he first slit the throat of his mother, then his father and finally his elder brother.During police interrogation, he told that he attacked his mother sleeping on the cot with a hoe on her neck. She died in just one attack. She could not speak anything. After this, he attacked his father's neck, he too could not speak anything, but a sigh came from his mouth.

He tried to get up but by then he was attacked again due to which he fell down from the cot and died. Finally he attacked the neck of his elder brother who was sleeping inside. After the attack he tried to get up and run away but fell at the door and there he was killed by attacking his neck several times. It was told that none of the three could even know who was killing them.

I went with the whole family to see the orchestra

On Sunday, a cultural program was organized in a Tilak ceremony in the village. He went to the program with his parents and elder brother at night. Everyone returned at around 10 pm. After this, Kishore waited for everyone to sleep. When they fell asleep, he drank alcohol and then took out a hoe from the box and attacked them repeatedly.

The three-inch Khurpa was sharpened two days ago

The Superintendent of Police said that the teenager was out of his mind. He was planning the murder for the last three days. Two days before the incident, he took a sickle from home to the market and got it sharpened. After this, he came home and kept it in a box. The sickle is about three inches long. Everyone died instantly due to the sharp edge.