Crime in Canada: A heart-wrenching serious incident has come to light from Alberta province of Canada. Where a construction businessman of Indian origin and another person were shot dead in broad daylight. Another person was seriously injured in this firing. This information has come from foreign media reports.  

According to PTI, CBC News reported on Monday that the incident happened on Monday and police said that officers were called to a report of shots fired in a residential area in the Cavanagh neighborhood of Alberta province around noon. To which the police responded in this manner.

Police further said that the emergency medical service personnel did their job. But two people, a 49-year-old and a 57-year-old, were killed in this firing. And a 51-year-old man was seriously injured. Who has been admitted to the hospital for treatment? Marks of serious injuries can be clearly seen on his body. 

Post-mortem of both the bodies was done on Tuesday and Wednesday. The deceased Indian has been identified as Buta Singh Gill, a construction company owner with strong links with the Punjabi community. Former city councilor Mohinder Banga said at the spot that Gill was. Was known for helping others.

Former city councilor Mohinder Banga said the man helped everyone by going out of his way and bearing his own loss. Why would anyone hurt him? Banga said that he knew Gill well. The report quoted Banga as saying, he was a very religious and helpful person, he helped everyone.

Police said that at the time of the incident, many people in the neighborhood heard a loud explosion. Abby Sieben was leaving home for a walk in the neighborhood around noon. Then they heard several loud explosions. Sieben said she was walking down Cavanagh Boulevard with her two young children when she heard a loud noise coming from a construction site near her home.

Sieben said he heard at least four shots. Sieben said in an interview with CBC News that he didn't know whether it was a nail gun or whether it was a gun because there was a construction site. At present, the police are investigating this matter.