It is common to use deodorant or perfume to avoid the odor of sweat in the summer season. Some people, influenced by the advertisements shown on television, start applying deodorant excessively, thinking that by doing so their fragrance will go away. If you also apply deodorant with this belief, then you need to know that fragrant deodorant can also harm your health. 

Antiperspirant deodorants are harmful   

It cannot be denied that the use of deodorant removes the smell of sweat and gives a feeling of freshness with a pleasant fragrance. However, it is also true that the aluminum content present in deodorants that claim to prevent sweating affects the secretion of sweat by blocking the sweat pores, thereby preventing the elimination of toxins from the body in the form of sweat. Due to this, the possibility of skin irritation, redness, itching, and other skin-related problems increases.

The stick is better than a spray 

According to skin experts, people who want to use deodorant to avoid the odor of sweat can use stick deodorant instead of spray. Stick deodorants are better than sprays. Many types of chemicals are used in spray deodorant to make the fragrance last longer, whereas, in the manufacturing of stick deodorant, chemicals are used in less quantity. For this reason, there is less possibility of causing damage to the skin. 

Use alcohol-free deodorant 

There are some deodorants available in the market in which alcohol and harmful chemicals are not used in their manufacturing. Dermatologists also recommend the use of this type of deodorant. These alcohol-free deodorants are very gentle on the skin. With their use, the possibility of having any skin-related problem or allergy is reduced. Experts also say that aluminum content is not used in the manufacturing of these alcohol-free deodorants. These types of deodorants can be a bit expensive, but their use reduces the chances of causing any kind of problem on the skin. 
Cheap deodorant may prove costly 

There are some people who, in the name of cheapness, start using local brand deodorants. At the same time, it also happens that due to lack of identification, people unknowingly start using fake deodorant. In both the circumstances, the use of cheap deodorant can prove to be quite harmful to the skin. In such a situation, you should use only non-alcohol deodorant of branded and good company. 

You can find alternatives to deodorant 

  • To stay away from the bad smell of sweat, start the day by drinking a glass of wheat and water on an empty stomach. CChlorophyllpresent in wheat ear helps reduce the bad smell of sweat.
  • If you want, you can also apply baking soda to your underarms and legs.
  • Adding one spoon of white vinegar to bath water also provides relief from bthe ad smell of sweat.
  • Taking ba ath by adding one spoon of lemon juice in water reduces the bad smell of sweat and this will make you feel fresh the whole day.