In today's digital era, online fraud has become a common thing. Apart from the illiterate people of the country, educated people are also becoming victims of online fraud. A big step has been taken to stop online fraud. The central government is very worried about the problem of online fraud. Online theft takes place from mobile phones. The government has made many efforts to stop online fraud, but this problem still continues. Therefore the government is ready to take action. The government has taken strict action to stop online fraud, creating a 100-day program in which fraudsters will be traced and their numbers will be blocked. Now callers will not be able to hide their identity. Let us know about this in detail.

The government made a plan for 100 days

The government has made a 100-day program through which thieves making unknown calls will be detected. Also, the number of fraudsters will disappear. Also, a National Cyber Security Agency will be formed to report such cases. The government is trying to detect and eliminate any kind of irregularities in time.

Caller ID rule will be implemented

The government has announced the launch of the CNAP service, or Calling Name Presentation, in 100 days. In such a situation, the Caller ID system can be implemented in the country from August 1. Also, the National Cyber Security Agency (NCSA) will be formed. NCSA is a government organization that works to prevent digital fraud.

The government took these big steps

This year the government has blocked 13 million suspicious SIM cards. Also, 70 thousand cell machine points were isolated. This year around 1.56 lakh handsets have been fraudulent. During this period, about 20,000 fake SMS handles have been closed. On 23 February, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) proposed to create CNAP to detect fraud calls.