Abdominal muscles, i.e. abs, are located between the ribs and pelvis. The job of these muscles is to support the torso and also help in movement. Every person has abs, even if he is a person with a fat stomach. Everyone has abs muscles, only those who have more fat in their body, then a layer of fat gets covered over the abs due to which they are not visible. In such a situation, people who want to build abs also do exercises. Recently, a 55-year-old female clinical scientist and personal trainer, who has 6-pack abs, shared a video of her workout.

Clinical scientist and personal trainer Ann Barrante posted a video under the hashtag Fit Over 50. The 55-year-old woman also showed off her abs. A person asked trainer Barrante on video, 'Mam, I am 25 years old and you look better than ever. I am very motivated by you. I want to make abs, what should I do?' 


Trainer Barrante shared a video with the person in which she is sitting and doing some exercises. In this video, it is seen that she is sitting on the Bosu ball and she is doing a bicycle crunch exercise. Oblique muscles are trained through this exercise. 


In the second exercise, trainer Barrante took a dumbbell in his hand and held it in front. After this, he was moved first from right to left and then from top to bottom. You can take the weight of the dumbbell as per your choice. Watch the video above to see the correct position.


In the third exercise, trainer Barante did a leg raise exercise. He has explained how to do this exercise while maintaining the position of the feet.