Da Hike: As soon as the dearness allowance or DA is 50%, not only will the salaries and pensions of employees and pensioners increase, but some of their allowances will also increase. The state government will also implement this decision gradually.

This means that the salaries and pensions of state government employees and pensioners will also increase. We are telling how it will grow.

Now that DA has increased to 50 percent, there is a possibility of an increase in salary and pension also. This is because, after 50 percent DA (DA From Jan 2024), this allowance will be merged into the basic salary.

This will lead to a significant increase in salary. This provision has already been made in the 7th Pay Commission. Along with this, some other allowances will also increase.

CA Kamlesh Kumar Chaurasia, who practices in the field of direct tax, says that the Seventh Pay Commission had already recommended this. As soon as DA reaches 50 percent, it will be merged into the basic salary of the employees. When the basic salary increases, these allowances will also increase.

1. House Rent Allowance

2. Children's education allowance

3. Special allowance for childcare

4. Hostel Subsidy

5. TA in case of transfer

6. Gratuity limit

7. Mileage allowance on own transport

8. Dress Allowance

9. Daily Allowance

Suppose Rakesh Kumar is a Central Government employee and he gets a house rent allowance. They get HRA as per the recommendations of the Seventh Pay Commission. This HRA for cities X, Y, and Z is 24, 16, and 8 percent respectively.

This decision is effective from 1 July 2017. There is such a system in this that as soon as DA reaches 25 percent, HRA will be revised to 27, 18, and 9 percent.

Also, as soon as DA becomes 50 percent, HRA will become 30 percent in X-grade cities, 20 percent in Y-grade cities, and 10 percent in Z-grade cities.