Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that during the Samajwadi Party government, there was no curfew and no Kanwar Yatra. During his time, goons used to explode bombs at various places. Used to bomb in every street. We said that now there will be no bombing in UP, there will be every bomb.

Attacking the SP-Congress alliance in Badaun, CM Yogi said that these people used to defame UP and had created an identity crisis. Used to spread anarchy. Kanwar used to ban travel and was a supporter of curfew.

He said, "The law and order situation in UP is stable because the criminals and mafia have been destroyed. We have defeated them, so the entire state along with the daughters and businessmen in UP became free from riots. The work that could never be done. During the 10 years of Modi ji's tenure, we have seen this happening at the ground level. We are seeing a new India. An India in which there is security and also prosperity. In which there is livelihood for the youth and respect for the faith of the common people. Where the curfew has been completely stopped, but preparations are also going on to carry out the Kanwar Yatra with great pomp. This Uttar Pradesh and the country is today moving forward with a new journey of its heritage and development. Remember. "No country can undertake a long journey by forgetting its heritage."

The choice between family first and nation first: Yogi

CM Yogi said that this election is going to be held between Family First and Nation First. He said, "Remember, be it SP or Congress, the president of that party can only be a person from a family and here when we discuss about Modi, he has come from an ordinary poor family and has worked his whole life for the country. Dedicating, for them India worth 140 crores is their family. It is because of Modi ji that today the world knows about India. So when the turn of elections is coming, it is Family First vs Nation. We have to vote for the familyists. Or to vote for those who think about the country."

Elections under mafia rule vs rule of law: CM

The Chief Minister said that this election was an election between mafia rule and versus rule of law. If people from SP, Congress, and BSP come, they will also bring this mafia rule with them. BJP believes in the rule of law. Believes in establishing the rule of law and implementing it effectively. This election is being held on corruption versus zero tolerance. A government with this kind of will is needed to decide that the corrupt will continue to grab the share of the poor and their place should be in jail and this work will be done only under the leadership of BJP.