The joint visit of the President and Prime Minister of Poland to America amid the Russia-Ukraine war has attracted the world's attention. The Polish President expressed great concern over the future of Europe here. He said that if Putin wins Ukraine then he can increase the scope of his war. 

President Andrzej Duda expressed concern about possible Russian aggression against Poland and other countries, whose invasion by Hitler had plunged the world into a six-year-long Second World War.

What did the President of Poland say?

In a TV interview, President Duda has expressed concern over the future of Europe. He warned the West that if Vladimir Putin wins the Ukraine war, he will not stop there. He expressed fear that after winning Ukraine, Putin will attack again. They will target other countries.

The Polish President said, this is why they (Russia) need to be stopped. They should be blocked and taught a 'lesson'. With this issue he had reached the White House to meet Joe Biden. The Russian war is in its third year and Ukraine is completely dependent on Western help to defend itself.


Why did Polish President go to America amid Ukraine war- PM 

All European and Western countries including America and Poland are unable to supply sufficient weapons to Ukraine. For example, after the visit of Polish leaders to America, the Biden Administration has announced to send military assistance worth $300 million to Ukraine.

Due to the Russian war, the existence of all the surrounding NATO supporting countries including Poland is in danger, where winning the war in Ukraine is important for the European countries. This is the reason why Polish leaders are appealing to America to teach Russia a 'lesson'.

When Russia fired a missile at Poland!

During the war with Ukraine, Poland claimed in November 2022 that two people died in a Russian missile attack. This claim of Poland was also confirmed by America but Russia denied it. This attack took place at a time when a meeting of G20 countries was going on in Bali, Indonesia. 

Due to Poland being a NATO member, this attack had increased the concern of the world. Regarding this attack, it is believed that Polish leaders are more serious about Russian President Vladimir Putin.

'America will continue to help', Biden assured

The future of European countries, especially the countries that have suffered the brunt of Russia, is facing a threat, where the biggest question before them is military alliance and American cooperation. During a meeting with Polish leaders at the White House, President Joe Biden assured them of continued assistance. However, Poland claims that Russia has 'launched a large-scale war' on NATO's eastern borders.

When and why did Hitler attack Poland?

On September 1, 1939, German forces led by Adolf Hitler invaded Poland, beginning the Second World War. The Battle of Poland lasted about a month and ended in Hitler's victory, but the invasion plunged the world into a war that continued for nearly six years and claimed millions of lives.

Hitler was a cruel dictator who wanted to conquer the whole of Europe and capturing Poland was part of Hitler's bigger plan. The Polish army was not that powerful and Hitler won the war, but Britain and its allies responded to this attack in such a way that Hitler came to an end.