In response to the attack on the Iranian Consulate in Syria two weeks ago, Iran launched a simultaneous drone and missile attack on Israel late Saturday night. After which countries around the world have come into action. Everyone is giving their own opinion on Iran's retaliatory action. In a virtual meeting on Sunday, the leaders of the G7 countries expressed “full solidarity and support for Israel and its people” and reaffirmed “their commitment to its security”. The G7 countries include the United States, Canada, Italy, Britain, France, Germany, and Japan as well as the European Union.

What did America say?

White House national security spokesperson has said that America does not want war with Iran. In response to a question, John Kirby, strategic communications coordinator of the US National Security Council, said that President Biden has said many times, we do not want war in the region. We do not want to get embroiled in a war with Iran.

Iran's answer to the United Nations

Iran's armed forces launched a series of military attacks on Israel with thousands of missiles and drones for military purposes. The operation they conducted was in full accordance with Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations and was an exercise of the right of self-defense recognized by international law. This action was necessary and according to the rules. This was absolutely accurate. And was only for military purposes. This was carried out carefully to reduce the possibility of escalation and prevent civilian casualties.

Against attacks on diplomatic complexes

These countries, especially the United States, have shielded Israel from any responsibility for the genocide. While they have deprived Iran of its right to self-defense against Israeli armed attacks on our diplomatic compounds. At the same time, they shamefully justified the Israeli genocide against the defenseless Palestinian people under the guise of self-defense.

There was an attack on a building near the Iranian Embassy in Syria

exercise one's right to self-defense

The Security Council has failed in its duty to maintain international peace and security. Considering it a dangerous act, Russia put forward a resolution to condemn it, which was supported by China, Algeria  , and many members but was blocked by America, Britain a , and France. Faced with such circumstances, Iran had no option but to exercise its right to self-defense under international law.