OYO Hotel New Rules: People often search for hotels. Oyo hotels are the most popular at the moment. Consumers get all the facilities in it. In this article we will tell you what rules apply while going to Oyo Hotel with your girlfriend.

oyo hotel rules

Oyo Hotel has some different rules for lovers. Married couples can also book rooms with Oyo's new feature. Couples often face trouble with the police due to family complaints. What should young lovers do in such a situation?

right to stay in the hotel

If you are staying in an Oyo hotel with your girlfriend, the state police cannot legally harass you. You want to stay in a hotel, and the law doesn't consider it a crime.

Note that the police can only interrogate you and ask for any certificate proving you are an adult. If you are afraid of the police, then arrest and detention will be a violation of fundamental rights.

OYO Hotel Room

Couples cannot be refused rooms in OYO or any other hotel. Saying that give us the proof of any marriage first. At the same time, the hotel has no right to refuse to give you a room if you are an adult.

Article 21 says that unmarried couples have the right to live together. The Supreme Court has clearly said that under Article 21, any couple (if they are not adults) has the full right to stay in the hotel as per their wish. Both also have the right to have physical relations with mutual consent, no marriage is required for this.

What can the police do if a couple is arrested from a hotel?

The police cannot arrest lovers for staying in a hotel because the police have no such legal right. The police can interrogate the couples based on their parents' complaint and want the correct certificates, but cannot arrest them. In OYO hotels, the age of the customer should be 18 to 30 years.