Noida News: In CRPF, the country's largest paramilitary force, fake tracksuits were being sold at inflated prices to the soldiers. As soon as the senior officers of the force came to know about this, they took strict action and immediately suspended more than 6 officers and employees. This entire matter is being thoroughly investigated.

In fact, on April 8, tracksuits were being sold unauthorized at the Family Welfare Center run by the CRPF Wives Welfare Association (CWA) at the CRPF Group Center in Noida. The Assistant Commandant of the force had given his written complaint to the CWA President and DIG Group Center that the tracksuits supplied to the soldiers were being sold at higher prices.

The name of a reputed brand is written on the tracksuit. The complaining officer claimed that this tracksuit was fake. This matter should be investigated in detail. Sources said that when the matter was investigated, the allegations made by the Assistant Commandant of the force were found to be true. There was chaos regarding the matter. After this, immediate action was taken against the people involved in the scam and they were suspended.

Fake track suits were being sold to CRPF soldiers, big action against officers involved in the scam, 6 suspended

What was the matter of the scam?

CRPF Assistant Commandant Rahul Solanki had sent a copy of the complaint to Regional CWA, GC Noida, IG Vigilance, DIG Welfare, and DIG Greater Noida on 8 April 2024. It has been said that tracksuits are being sold unauthorizedly at the Force's Family Welfare Center (FWC).

According to the rules, the Family Welfare Center does not have the right to do business. This is an institution for the welfare of soldiers and their families. It was alleged that some people associated with this were selling tracksuits to the soldiers. This tracksuit is not a part of the force uniform. It has come to light that the tracksuits were being sold compulsorily to the soldiers at higher prices.

Now know what the complaint was

In the written complaint made by the Assistant Commandant, he had written that this matter had hurt the high ideals of the force. The financial security of the soldiers has taken a big hit. Strict action should be taken on this. The sale of fake tracksuits at the CWA center hurts the image of the force.

'Country uniform' is written on the tracksuit packet. A bill slip of Rs 1600 was attached with the complaint. In another letter written to the DIG in this regard, it has been said that this matter is serious. A complaint will also be lodged in the consumer forum. Fake tracksuits are being sold in the name of reputed brands.

What exactly is the rule?

The rules regarding CWA are that only those products which are made by the members of the Welfare Association themselves can be sold at this center, but this tracksuit is not made in the Welfare Centre. This information is given in the letter. When this is not so, then with whose permission they were purchased from outside and kept in the center.

What action did CRPF take?

CRPF sources said that when senior officers came to know about this matter, they suspended 6 people involved in it. Instructions have been issued that all the activities carried out by the Welfare Association elsewhere should be investigated. If anyone is found guilty after an investigation, action should be taken against him.