Aadhaar ATM Service: If you need cash and cannot go out of the house. Now you will either take cash from your neighbor or think of paying through UPI. But, what to do if UPI is not working and the neighbor also does not have cash?

To remove this confusion, today we will tell you about a special scheme of the post office. This scheme is called Aadhaar ATM. In this, you will not need to go to a bank or ATM to withdraw cash. You will get cash sitting at home.  

What is an Aadhaar ATM? (What is an Aadhaar ATM)

Aadhaar ATM is a type of ATM. It gives you the facility to withdraw cash sitting at home. Aadhaar ATM is Aadhaar Enabled Payment Service ( AePS ). To avail of the benefit of this facility, you have to link your bank account with an Aadhaar Card. When the biometric KYC of the bank account holder is done then they get the benefit of an Aadhaar ATM.

In Aadhaar ATM, the account holder gets the benefits of cash withdrawal, balance inquiry, cash withdrawal, and mini statement. Apart from this, there is the benefit of Aadhaar to Aadhaar Fund Transfer. If you have opened multiple bank accounts with one Aadhar card, then you will have to choose the bank account in which you want to avail of this service.

You can withdraw cash up to Rs 10,000 from Aadhar ATM.

How to use Aadhar ATM? (How to use an Aadhaar ATM)

You will not have to pay any charge for withdrawing cash through India Post Payment Bank, but you will have to pay a fee for dodoorstepervice. To avail of the service of Aan adhaar ATM, you have to

You have to go to the website of India Post Payment Bank.

Here you have to select the dodoorstepption.

After this y, you will have to fill thin the remaining information like name, mobile number, email ID, address, and n code.

Now click on I Agree and submit.

After this, after some time the postman will come to your house and give you cash.