Flight Seat Selection Charge: While booking a flight ticket, most people have to pay 5 percent to 40 percent extra for the flight ticket just for the seat. A survey, this fact came out that about 44 percent of people have paid the extra charges for their seats while booking flight tickets. The 'LocalCircles' survey said that many people also reported paying between Rs 200 and Rs 2,000 as seat selection charges, which can range from five to 40 percent of the airfare. There has been a very slight improvement in people's ability to get a free seat when booking a flight in the last 12 months. 

CCPA had taken a meeting

According to the survey, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs and consumer regulator Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) had called a meeting of airline companies on this issue late last year. At the meeting, he was questioned about alleged unfair trade practices and misleading claims of 'free' web check-in. 

41000 people replied

LocalCircles said that the new survey received more than 41,000 responses from consumers in 339 districts of the country. It focuses on the problems faced by passengers when booking for travel with family members, especially small children. 

Have to pay more for sitting together

According to the survey, if a family wants to sit together, they have to spend more than the actual ticket price as most seats on many airlines are available for an additional payment of Rs 200 to Rs 2,000. Otherwise, family members will have to sit in different rows as some airlines do not require extra payment only for the middle seat. 

According to survey estimates, some airline companies now charge seat allocation fees for about 80 percent of the seats. About 65 percent of passengers who booked a flight in the last 12 months paid an additional fee to reserve a seat one or more times.