Lucknow: An 18-year-old girl died due to a drug overdose in Lucknow. The family members of the deceased have accused her former neighbor of murder. Family members say that the deceased's former neighbor Vivek Maurya is a smack dealer who was pressurizing Muskaan to sell smack. However, the investigation has not confirmed the murder. The police have arrested the accused Vivek in the case of culpable homicide. 

The accused confessed to giving intoxicating injections.
When the police interrogated the accused in the case, he confessed to giving intoxicating injections to Muskaan. The accused had run away leaving Muskaan at Lohia Institute late on Monday evening. He has also been jailed thrice from the Mahanagar police station for selling smack. Police investigation has revealed the relationship between Muskaan and Vivek Maurya.  

Muskaan used to work in Bengaluru.
According to the information, Muskaan used to work in a private job in Bengaluru. She returned from Bengaluru on 3 April. On Sunday, she had left after telling her family that she would go to Bengaluru again.